Notion: Minimalist To-Do List Template

The simple to-do list – don’t underestimate its power! In essence, a to-do list is a very simple productivity system. You’re breaking down all your tasks into bite-size tasks. You can even spice it up by “assigning priorities” by moving the task to the top of the list. 

There’s something just satisfying about ticking off a to-do list! ✅

Building a simple to-do list is also a good introduction to Notion. Let’s go through step by step how to build a simple to-do template.

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How To Build A To-Do List Template In Notion

Start by creating a blank page. Add whatever icon and cover image you’d like. 

Blank page

Next, we add the /template button (very apt name!).

Template button

Adjust the “Button name” as appropriate. Since we’re building a to-do list template the default name is fine. The default setting for the template block also provides a checkbox. Again, adjust as you need. Next click on Close.

To do list

When you need to add a new task, just click on the “+ Add a new to-do” and label the checkbox as appropriate!

You could stop here and you have a simple to-do list tool. The next couple of steps are optional but can add to the template functionality.

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Add A Page To The Checkbox

I’d imagine not all your tasks are straightforward and require subtasks or you’d like to include some notes as you add the task. You can do this by adding a subpage to each checkbox.

When you create a new checkbox, type in “+name of subpage” + ENTER.

Add a subpage

This will create a subpage called “Task 4” and you can add additional notes within this page.

If you would like to add a subpage as part of the template button, you can do the following.

  • Create a checkbox and add a subpage. If you style the page, this will also be retained every time you add a new to-do.
  • Click on the “Configure template
Configure template
Opened configure template
  • Drag and drop the checkbox labeled “Task With A Page” into the template section and remove the spare checkbox.
Updated to do list
  • Click Close and now you have a template button that creates a to-do checkbox with a subpage embedded

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Archive Old Tasks

One final item you can add to the page is an Archive page. Once you check off a few tasks you can drag and drop completed tasks into the page. This will help avoid clutter and allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. Clean desk clean mind – a clean and tidy work environment will boost productivity!

  • At the bottom of the page, type /page to embed a new page.
  • Call it Archive (or whatever you’d like) – style as appropriate
  • Voila, now you have an Archive page!
  • Back on the To Do List page, you can now drag and drop tasks that you have checked off
Archive page

Get The Template

Like all of my Excel and Notion templates, this to-do list template is 100% free, and I don’t require your email for it.

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You can download the template for free here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

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