Increase Your Productivity With Indoor Plants

Have you been working remotely more recently? Wondered if there’s a way to boost your productivity whilst at home? Well, it looks like adding some indoor plants to your home setup is a great way to boost your productivity!

The Fresh Air Benefit

Plants are a great natural air filter. They help to remove carbon dioxide and release pure oxygen. Not only does this improve the air quality inside, but plants also help to remove harmful toxins in the air.

According to NASA, adding plants to an office workspace can help cure Sick Building Syndrome. The plants helped to remove toxins that were found in synthetic materials, which were making people feel sick.

What’s not to like about a healthy and comfortable work environment?

The natural environment affects us more than we think. Not only do indoor plants help us filter the air, but a UK study has also found that landscaping the office with plants could increase productivity by 15%.

Indoor plants on desk

How Indoor Plants Boost Your Productivity

Plants offer much more than just a decorative touch to workspaces. Here are some of the benefits of including indoor plants at your desk:

Increase Focus And Concentration

Research has proven that indoor plants enhance our ability to focus. One study in a Dutch office environment found that indoor plants improved concentration significantly. Another study found that employees working at a computer for over 4 hours a day are more productive when plants are nearby.

Boost Creativity

In one study, researchers made people look at something green for two seconds before a creative task. They found that it inspired them and helped improve their creative output (compared to other colors). Researchers called this the “green effect”.

In another paper, research has also shown that creativity is likely to increase when people are surrounded by green plants. Having window access to green views of nature also helps boost creativity.

Reduce Noise With Indoor Plants

If you work in a noisy environment, plants can be highly effective noise dampeners. The porous and flexible nature of indoor plants acts as a natural sound dampener. 

If you strategically place certain plants around your workspace, they can help absorb and remove noise. 

If you want to reduce noise in your home office, place the plants around the perimeter of the room. This helps to trap the sound as it bounces off the walls into the plants.

Which Indoor Plant Is Good For Your Workspace?

Here are a few plant ideas to help green-ify your workspace. These all help with purifying the air in the room.

  • Snake plant – easy to maintain and helps 
  • Peace lily – easy to maintain, and the large leaves help act as noise dampeners
  • Chinese evergreen – minimal maintenance and hardy. This plant is very common in offices
  • Ferns – large surface space to help reduce noise

Use these ideas from Richard Wiseman (Author of 59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot) to help take your greenification one step further.

  • You should place plants and flowers in your room or office
  • Ensure that you can see trees and grass instead of concrete or steel from your window
  • Decorate your room with green where possible. For example – chairs, wallpaper, pictures, etc

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