How To Turn Off Comments In Notion

Your Notion page can get quite cluttered when you have several properties and comments showing up. It can easily take up half a screen before you even get to the body of a page!

For example:

Example comments

In this post, I’ll explain four different methods of turning off comments in Notion.

How To Turn Off Comments In Notion

The are four different ways to remove comments in Notion:

  • Customize page view to turn off comments
  • Disable comments on a shared/public page
  • Resolve a comment
  • Delete a comment

Customize Page View To Turn Off Comments

You can switch off the entire comments section on a page via the page setting menu. 

  • Click on the ellipsis (…) at the top right of a page
  • Select “Customize page
  • Switch “Top-level page discussions” to “Off
Turn off comments gif

Additionally, if there are comments in the body of your page, you can also reduce the screen real estate by displaying only a small comment icon to the right of the text. 

In the same “Customize page” menu, change the “Page comments” to Minimal. Unfortunately, you can’t switch off the in-body comments.

Disable Comments On A Shared Page

You can switch off the comments function for shared pages.

  • Click on “Share” in the top right of a page
  • After sharing a page publicly, click on the “Show link options
  • Adjust the “Allow comments” toggle as needed
Shared page comments

Resolve A Comment

As Notion can be used as a collaboration tool, you can “Resolve” comments left by other users. You can “Resolve” a comment by hovering over it and then clicking on the ✅ symbol.

Resolve comment

A “resolved comment” button appears below comments once there are resolved comments. You can re-open comments by clicking on the undo symbol.

Resolve comment box

Delete A Comment

The last (and simplest!) solution is to delete comments if they’re no longer required. Hover over the comment and click on the ellipsis (…) and select Delete comment.

Nice and easy! 😁

Delete Comment

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

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