How To Save A Page As A Template In Notion

When you first start out with Notion, you are literally presented with a blank page on a blank workspace. As you start to use it, you’ll come to realize that there are a few activities that you need to repeat over and over.

This is where the power of database page templates comes in. They can help to structure and automate your workflow. You will be able to spend your time thinking and creating instead of repeating page formats!

In this post, I’ll show you how to set up a database page template that can be replicated with a click of a button.

How To Make A Page Template In Notion

Before we can start adding a template to a Notion page, we need to create a database page template. In this example, I’ll create a daily planner template that can be used alongside a weekly planner.

Starting out with a simple database where we can store all our daily planners. Create a new entry and click on the “create a template” link.

Create a template

A new blank page will pop up – this is your template. The “You’re editing a template in Daily Planner” banner will confirm you’re editing a template page.

Start simple and add a few items that you use on a daily basis like top 3 tasks, gratitude journal, and key lessons learned. Keep iterating as you work out what you need on a daily basis.

Template page opened

Once you’re done editing your template, click on the “<- Back” button. You should now see your template in the list. 

Create as many templates as you like. For example, you can have one for weekdays and one for weekends. Personally, I have one for each day of the week as I know I have set things to do each day.

How To Add A Page Template To Notion

This is now the easy bit! Once you’ve created the template, it shows up in the list of “templates” whenever you create a new entry. Click on the template name and it will automatically structure your current page.

Template options

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Edit A Page Template In Notion

You have now got your base template set up and want to make adjustments to it. For database page templates, you can find the edit option by clicking on the down arrow next to New. Click on the “…” to find the edit menu.

Edit templates

Make the required changes and click Back again and it’ll automatically save.

Can You Convert An Existing Page Into A Page Template?

Yes, you can turn an existing page into a template page. The default Notion Task List manager is more sophisticated than the three checkbox examples I provided above. Let’s say we want to import this one into our daily planner.

Check out this free to-do list template – Notion: Minimalist To-Do List Template

Task List manager

Using the previous step to edit our existing Weekday template, switch to Full page mode.

Full page mode
  • Delete the “Top 3 Tasks” section
  • Drag the “Task List” page from the sidebar menu onto your Weekday template
  • Initially, it will show up as a linked page, but you can import the contents by clicking “Turn into inline”
Turn into inline

Hit back and you now have a daily planner with an improved to-do list!

Final product

You can also do this with a new database page template.

From the side menu, drag your existing page into a blank template. This time, you’ll notice there isn’t a “turn into inline” option. You can convert it to “Heading 1” or “Toggle” and it will import the content of the linked page.

Linked page conversion

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful!

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