How To Quickly Copy A Chart Format In Excel

You have just created an amazing-looking chart for an important presentation, but then you realize you need to do it another ten times. This is a really time-consuming chore that many financial analysts have to deal with.

Don’t worry, there’s a quick and easy way to duplicate chart formats so you don’t have to waste your time doing things over and over. Spend more time analyzing your data instead of plotting it! Want to know how?

Yeah, you guessed it… Keep reading!

Quick Steps Guide

Here’s the quick steps guide:

  1. Select your chart
  2. Home > Copy or Ctrl + C
  3. Select the chart you want to reformat
  4. Home > Paste > Paste Special, Formats or Alt + E + S + T and Click OK.
  5. Repeat for each chart you need reformatted

How To Save Time By Copying Chart Formats In Excel

You have created and formatted the Bitcoin price chart for a presentation (left chart) and want to replicate the Bitcoin chart format to the Ethereum price chart (right chart).

BTC and ETH Chart

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to save yourself time doing mundane chart formats and utilize it to analyze data instead.

  1. Copy The Chart

Right-click and copy the chart:

Right click Copy Chart

Or left-click on the chart and click Copy in the Home tab:

Home Copy
  1. Select The Chart You Want To Reformat

Left-click on the chart.

Select Chart
  1. Paste Format On New Chart
Paste Special Chart

Select Paste Special in the Home tab. Alternatively, the keyboard shortcut is Alt + E + S + T.

  1. Paste Special Menu
Paste Special Menu

Select Formats and click OK.

Ta-da! Nice and easy way to replicate the format of a chart!

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Other Notes

  • The size of the chart won’t be replicated with this function
  • If you are copying a line chart format to a column chart, it will replace the column chart type and create a line chart as well
  • There’s no mass chart format function, so you will still need to paste special format one chart at a time. Still beats replicating several chart formats!

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