How To Print A Page In Notion

Can’t find the Print button under File or CTRL/CMD + P shortcut not working? That’s because the Notion desktop app doesn’t have a native print function.

There are two ways you can print a page in Notion. First, you can print a page if you’re using Notion through a browser. Second, you can export a page to PDF and then print the PDF.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to print with both methods.

How To Print Notion As A Webpage

If it’s a simple notes page I prefer using the browser method. If there’s a bit more to the page, I find PDF better as web printing doesn’t always render pages properly. The other disadvantage of printing through a browser is the dark mode is also printed! So remember to switch on light mode or you’ll be refilling your black ink cartridge in no time.

You can’t use print shortcut keys in the browser as it will activate Notion’s shortcuts. Instead, you’ll have to go File >> Print.

Print light mode
Print dark mode
Dark mode printing! 😱

Save Notion Page As PDF

To print a page using the Notion desktop app, you first need to export it as a PDF file. This is also a handy way of backing up some of your notes as well.

Steps To Export As PDF

  • Up the top right, click on the … icon
  • Select Export
Export page menu
  • On the new window, select Export format as PDF
  • The remaining options I usually leave as default
  • Export, select where to save the file
Export page window
  • You can then open up the PDF and print it as normal

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Can You Export A Notion Page To Word?

Unfortunately, there is no direct export function to Microsoft Word in Notion. You can try exporting it to PDF first and then converting that to a Word document. I find that unless it’s just a page of bullet points and notes, it probably won’t render properly in Microsoft Word.

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