How To Open All Toggles In Notion

Toggles are a great function to keep your page nice and neat when you’re taking notes. Especially when you’re summarising entire books, lectures, or topics. However, as your page expands and you continue adding content, you’ll run into the issue of having too many toggles!

What Is A Toggle In Notion?

Just in case you’re new to Notion and stumbled across this page – a toggle allows you to include other notion blocks under a specific title. Toggles help you to group and hide content so you only display it when you need it.

Toggle menu

To access this block, type in /toggle or press CTRL+SHIFT+7. Once you’ve created the toggle, click on the arrow to show/hide your content. You can drag blocks under the toggle or you can start creating content inside of one.

Created toggle

Shortcut To Open All Toggles In Notion

The easiest way to expand all toggles on a page is using the shortcut.

  • PC shortcut – Press CTRL + ALT + T to expand or close all toggles in a toggle list
  • Mac shortcut – Press CMD + OPTION + T to expand or close all toggles in a toggle list
  • Alternatively, you can hit Ctrl+A (highlight all) and then click on the toggle arrow to open all toggles on the same page

If you only want to do one or a subset of them, highlight the toggle(s) you want to open and either click on the toggle triangle or hit Ctrl+Enter. Note that this works for database groups as well.

Keep It Tidy By Using Toggles

I’ve been studying Technical Analysis recently and summarize my learnings within Notion. Here’s an example of how I utilize “Heading Toggles” to keep my page tidy. This allows me to easily find and access TA content as and when I need it.

Tidy toggles

Combining Table Of Contents And Toggles

Using the “Toggles” and “Table of Contents” blocks is key to organizing large amounts of content within pages in Notion. Assuming you’ve tagged your headers appropriately with H1, H2, and H3, Notion’s “Table of Contents” can automatically create a page outline for you.

Tuck that inside a “Table of Contents” toggle and you’ll have a neat little navigation menu for your page (that you can show/hide when you need it)!

How Do I Change The Toggle Color In Notion?

Once you start accumulating quite a few toggles, highlighting key ones will make it easier to find things. Below are the steps to color in your toggles. You can use CTRL+SHIFT+H if you’re repeating the coloring on other blocks too.

Color toggles

You’ll notice that coloring blocks in this method change the background of the toggle block too. If you only want the “title” color changed, highlight just the text next to the toggle, click on the A, and select the color.

Toggle color header text

There you have it, everything you need to know about the Toggle block. Hope you found this useful and that it saves you some time!

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