How To Navigate Around Excel Quickly

Have you ever sat at a colleague’s desk and they are taking you through a spreadsheet – only to be slowly scrolling to the bottom of a sheet to find the total value they were looking for? Don’t be that person!

The more time you spend in Excel, the more important keyboard shortcuts become. It’s all about speed – using keyboard shortcuts is much faster than using the mouse. We’re all about efficiency here as well!

Navigation Shortcuts

So, without further adieu, here are a few ninja navigation keyboard shortcuts that will save you time:

  • CTRL + up: Move to the top row of a sheet/table
  • CTRL + down: Move to the bottom row of a sheet/table
  • CTRL + right: Move to the last (right-most) column of a sheet / table
  • CTRL + left: Move to the first (left-most) column of a sheet / table
  • CTRL + Home: Move to the top-left cell of a sheet/table
  • CTRL + End: Move to the bottom right cell of a sheet/table

If you hold the SHIFT key while using any of the above shortcuts – it will highlight the entire range.

Now that you know how to navigate around Excel, you can move on to other things like creating charts and graphs.

Hope you found this tip helpful and it saves you time!

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