How To Make Notion Calendar Smaller

Added an inline calendar to your Notion page? Don’t want it to cover the entire page like the one below? Then read on!

Wide calendar shot

Can You Resize An Inline Notion Calendar?

No, you cannot resize the inline Notion Calendar. There is no default function to resize the calendar.

However, there are a couple of workarounds!

How To Resize A Notion Calendar

Here are a couple of solutions to get around the resizing issue. By no means are these perfect solutions to a good old resize feature, but hopefully it helps you create that perfect dashboard!

Insert A Column Block

You can make the calendar narrower by inserting a column block to the left or right of the calendar. Create 2 column block by typing in /2. Drag the calendar into one of the containers. You can then adjust the size of the columns with the grey bar in the middle.

Insert column block

Change The Page Width To Shrink The Calendar

This solution will squash the calendar, however, it will also squash the rest of your page. Click on the “…” (ellipsis) in the top right and toggle the “Full width” as required.

Page width toggle

How To Embed Google Calendar Into Notion

Ok, this one technically isn’t working with a Notion calendar but if you prefer working with Google Calendar this solution will help.

The shortcoming of this method is that you can’t edit your Google Calendar directly from Notion and it’s read-only. However, any events you add to Google Calendar will sync with Notion.

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Share Permission In Google Calendar

The first step is to share access to your Google Calendar. Click on “Settings and sharing”.

Google Calendar sharing

Under “Access permissions for events”, you need to check the “Make available to public”.

Make public calendar

You’ll be prompted with a warning that your Calendar is now public and will be visible even on Google search.

If your privacy is of primary concern then I suggest adding an Indify Google Calendar Widget. It’s very straightforward – sign up, find the Google Calendar widget and follow their instructions.

Embed Google Calendar

If you continue with Google Calendar, click on “Integrate calendar” on the menu. Copy the “Embed code”. If you went the Indify route, you’ll get a URL to copy as well.

Integrate calendar

Back in Notion, type /embed on the page and hit Enter. You’ll be prompted to paste your URL here. Click the “Embed link” and you’re done!

Embed link

You’ll then have a view of your Google Calendar which you can resize as needed.

Resize Google Calendar

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful!

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