How To Lock Notion

Like most productivity software, Notion gives you the ability to “lock” a page. Before we dive into how to lock a Notion page, let me explain what locking a page in Notion actually means! 🔒

What Does Locking A Page In Notion Mean?

When you lock a page in Notion, it pauses anyone from being able to edit it. You can still access it, so essentially it becomes a view-only page. I say pause as you can also unlock a page!

This works well when you don’t want to edit your own workspaces accidentally. It really shines when you’re sharing pages or a workspace.

Locked page

How To Lock A Database In Notion

Along with being able to lock a page, you can also lock a database.

The database lock will prevent users from making edits to the table properties. Again, I find this more useful for shared environments unless you know that you will no longer edit your database tables.

However, note that users can still add/edit/delete database records when locked.

How To Lock A Page In Notion

It’s super easy to lock a page in notion. Done in two steps, open your page or database:

  1. Click on the three dots up the top right 
  2. Click on the Lock page/database
Lock a page

Can You Lock Single Blocks In Notion?

Unfortunately at the time of writing, this feature is currently unavailable. I haven’t come across any news announcement for such functionality but please drop me a note below if you’ve seen something!

Can You Password Protect A Page In Notion?

Unfortunately, Notion does not offer the ability to password-protect specific pages. There are a few after-market solutions but I haven’t tested any of those.

Personally, anything private and confidential, I don’t keep on Notion. I also wouldn’t store any of my passwords on Notion.

That being said, I’m comfortable keeping ALL of my digital notes on the Notion environment. My pages being private also gives me another layer of comfort.

In Notion Safe?

This brings about the question of whether or not Notion is safe for your data. I’m not a cybersecurity expert but I understand Notion uses industry-standard encryption and is GDPR and SOC2 compliant.

Direct from the Notion team on encryption of your data:

You can find out more about their security and privacy here.

My two cents – all big companies are subject to data breaches, just be conscious of your private content being uploaded to Notion. See if it is worth using Notion file storage.

Hope you found this helpful!

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