How To Hide A Shared Page In Notion

Notion is a great collaborative tool and allows you to share pages with other team members. However, once your team starts expanding – your shared section can start to get cluttered.

In this post, I’ll show you how to selectively display pages within the shared section of your sidebar. This will help to declutter your sidebar and allow you to focus on what’s important.

How To Show Or Hide A Shared Page In Notion

To activate the show/hide option, you will need to have at least 7 shared pages. Once you have more than 7, you can show/hide as many as you like.

Shared pages sidebar

Next to shared pages you can click on the 3 dotted icons and choose to remove it from the sidebar. 

Remove from sidebar

If you click on the View all section, this will display your entire list of spared pages. By clicking on the pin icons, it allows you to quickly toggle which pages are displayed and which are hidden.

View all shared pages

As usual with Notion, you can click and drag pages within the sidebar to re-order them.

How To Share A Page In Notion

In Notion, they’ve made sharing a page very easy. In the top right of your page, there’s a “Share” button. Click on it and it provides you the option to invite specific people to your page or to open it up to the entire Web!

Try embedding a Spotify playlist before sharing!

Share a page on Notion

Can Other People See My Notion Page?

If you make your Notion page public (i.e Share to web), anyone on the Internet will be able to access and interact with it. Any subpages you add to this page will also be shown by default. If you only want to show the main page then you’ll need to restrict the subpage viewing permissions.

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How To Hide Specific Parts Of A Page

Another handy feature when sharing pages is the ability to hide certain blocks. 

Say you’re presenting a page and you want to share materials in advance of the presentation. You’d like to include your talking notes but the attendees don’t need your bullets! So how do we do this?

Firstly, create 2 pages, one to share and a private one. Add all the presentation materials to the shared document and all your notes to the private document (duh!).

You can bring over your block by clicking on it, then “Copy link to block”. Go to your shared page, Paste and select “Paste and sync”. Voila!

Copy link to block

The border around the pasted block indicates that it’s synced. This means that any edits you make on the shared page will be reflected on your private page (and vice versa). Another tip I’d suggest is just adding a colored background to your private blocks so it’s easy to identify which is which!

Hidden block on shared page

Hope you found this helpful and that it saves you some time!

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