How To Auto Resize Image In Excel Cell

As an analyst at an investment bank, you’re likely going to need to pull data about hundreds of companies. Along with the financial metrics, you’ll also need to source the logos for these companies.

When you first drop the logo images into Excel, they’ll be all over the shop and not sized appropriately.

Messy logos

To make your life easier, set up the logos such that they are adjacent to the company name cell. You will also be able to lock the image and make it automatically resize when the cell is resized.

Completed table

This tip also works well with companies that have product/inventory and want to keep images in the Excel file too.

Sounds good? Then keep reading!

Insert Picture Into A Cell In Excel

There are a couple of ways to insert images into Excel.

Insert Images

  • Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon
  • Pictures
  • Insert images from your source (likely your device)
  • You can insert several images at once
Insert images
  • Resize your images and place them within the appropriate cells. Don’t worry this is the last time you need to do this by hand! Bonus tip – if you hold ALT while you drag your image into the cell, it will “snap” to the cell.
Aligned logos

Drag And Drop

Another way to import images into Excel is simply to drag and drop directly from the folder. Again you can also import a few images at once. Once the files are imported, you can follow the steps above.

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Auto Resize Image In Excel Cell

Now comes the easy bit!

  • Right-click on the logo, Format Picture
  • Under the Size & Properties tab, open up the Properties
  • Select “Move and size with cells”
Move and size with cells

Your images will now automatically resize when you shrink column A (it doesn’t increase in size if you stretch column A). 

Another benefit is if you apply Filters. Say you only want Market Caps of greater than $1.5 trillion. The logo column will only show the Microsoft and Apple logo.

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The New =IMAGE() Function (Coming Soon)

The Excel team is currently releasing the =IMAGE() function. That means that images can now be embedded into a cell instead of floating above it. This should make images much easier to work with in Excel.

The IMAGE function inserts images into cells. Another benefit is that it can link directly to an image you find online. The formula works as follows: =IMAGE(source, [alt_text], [sizing], [height], [width]).

Unfortunately, it’s not available in all versions of Excel yet and they have mentioned that it’s still being rolled out. It can only be accessed in the builds:

  • Windows: Version 2209 (Build 15608.10000) or later
  • Mac: Version 16.65 (Build 22080701) or later

For more information, you can read up here.

Remember work smarter, not harder! Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

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