How To Add Vertical Divider In Notion

Do you want to add a vertical divider to your Notion pages? Unfortunately, there’s no in-built function to add a vertical divider.

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. There is a workaround!

Let’s clean up your digital space and add a vertical divider in Notion! We’ll work through an example to create a page like the one below.

Vertical divider

How To Make A Vertical Divider In Notion

This step-by-step process assumes you have your columns set up already.

Vertical divider example
  • Anywhere on the page, start by adding a Quote block using /quote
Quote block
  • Drag the empty Quote block in between your two columns
  • In the “Empty Quote”, hold SHIFT and press ENTER. Stop pressing ENTER when the divider is long enough
Shift Enter Bar
  • Click on the border of the Quote block and squeeze the borders to create a thin column
  • You’ve successfully created a vertical divider bar!
Vertical divider

Video Guide To Add Vertical Dividers To Your Notion Dashboard

Adjust The Design Of Vertical Dividers In Notion

You can’t change the design of the bar to include dashes etc. However, you can adjust the color of the bar.

  • Right-click on the Quote block
  • Go into the Color menu
  • Select a color
Adjust design

How Do You Divide A Page Vertically In Notion

You can use the columns block to add 2 or 3 columns to your page. You can call these up by using /2c or /3c. See the Notion Foundation Page Layouts for more information.

How To Add Horizontal Dividers In Notion

Adding a horizontal divider in Notion is much easier. There’s actually an in-built function for it!

You can add one by inserting a “divider” block (type /div).

Divider block

You can also add one by typing the shortcut “—” (three dashes) on a page.

Horizontol divider

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about upgrading your Notion workspace!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations to the length or positioning of the vertical divider using the Quote block method?

No, the length of the vertical divider can be adjusted by holding SHIFT and pressing ENTER within the Quote block. You can make it as long or as short as required.

Positioning is flexible, too, as you can drag the Quote block anywhere between columns on your Notion page.

Can the Quote block vertical divider method be applied on desktop and mobile Notion versions?

Yes, the Quote block method for creating a vertical divider can be implemented on desktop and mobile Notion versions.

However, always check the layout on both platforms to ensure consistency in appearance.

Besides changing the color, are there other customization options for the vertical divider made using the Quote block?

The primary customization for the vertical divider using the Quote block is adjusting its length and color. As of now, design alterations like adding dashes are not possible.

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