How To Add Spotify To Notion

Research suggests that background music can help improve performance with memory and cognitive tasks. Personally, I enjoy listening to some LoFi beats while working. Listening to music while studying or working is very much down to the individual.

So why not bring together the best of both worlds and embed a Spotify playlist on your Notion page? The steps are outlined below.

How To Add Spotify Playlist To Notion

Yes, you can add a Spotify playlist to a Notion page. Simply copy the embed playlist in Spotify and paste it into Notion’s embed block.

Spotify Playlist

Start by opening your Spotify playlist.

  • Click on the “…”
  • Share
  • Embed Playlist
Spotify playlist
  • Adjust the various settings, then Copy. Tip – you can resize the window in Notion directly too.
Embed playlist


On your page in Notion, type the command /embed.

Embed link in Notion

Paste in the code from Spotify and hit Enter (or click the Embed link). Give it a few seconds then your Spotify playlist should show up as shown on Spotify. Super easy!

Embedded Spotify playlist in Notion

Note that when you start running too many embedded widgets or links, Notion can start to run a bit sluggish. You can read tips on how to make Notion faster here.

How To Add Notion Widgets

You can also add in a few other handy widgets in Notion. Below I cover how to add a weather widget and a countdown timer. You can find widgets from other providers, but for Notion, I like using the ones from Indify. You’ll need to sign up / log in with your Google account though.

How To Add Weather Widget To Notion

Once you have logged into Indify, look for the Weather widget. Create one and adjust the settings as required. Click the copy link button down at the bottom left.

Indify weather

Add an embed widget to your Notion page (instructions above) and you’re done!

Weather widget

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How To Add A Countdown To Notion

Similar to the weather widget, find and create the Countdown widget from the Indify dashboard. Copy the embed link on the bottom left of the page.

Indify countdown

Add an embed widget to your Notion page or paste and “Create an embed” and you’re done!

Countdown widget

This is one of my favorite widgets to add to my Vision and Goals page!

As I mentioned, this can make your Notion pages a bit sluggish, so be careful and not go overboard with these!

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