How To Add Image To Gallery View In Notion

The gallery view is an image-oriented view of your database. Instead of viewing your data in a traditional database view (e.g. rows and rows of data), Notion provides you the capability to add image cards to each entry.

Have you seen data tables like this…

Table view in Notion

…but want a Gallery view like this? Then keep reading!

Complete gallery view

How To Add A Gallery View In Notion

Before I explain how to add an image to the gallery view, I’ll quickly recap how to add a gallery view in Notion.

Adding A New Gallery Database

On the page where you want to add a gallery view, type /gallery and hit Enter. Then select “+ New database”

Add a new Gallery

A new gallery block will appear with several template blocks. You can now click on each page and configure it as needed.

New gallery block

Existing Database

If you already have an existing database, add a new view by clicking on the “+” and select “Gallery”. Click Done.

Add Gallery view

How To Add Image To Gallery View

In this example, I’ll show you how to add images via the cover method. If the content body of your page has images, Notion will utilize the first image.

  • Open up a page and click on “Add cover
Add a cover image
  • There are a few options to add images – Notion’s default gallery, uploading your own, linking to another website, or using the Unsplash repository. Select an image and it will then load up on your page banner.
Unsplash image

Note – overuse of large images can slow down Notion. You can read more on How To Make Notion Faster.

  • Now back on the Gallery view, click on the (ellipsis) three dots and click on “Layout
Layout menu
  • Click on “Card preview” then “Page cover” (or any other option as needed). As mentioned, page content will utilize the first image in the content body. Voilà!
Card preview

Assuming you have a cover for each page, you should have something that looks like the one below.

Complete gallery view

Image Not Showing Up Properly On Gallery View

If your Gallery image is being cropped out too much, then you can try a couple of things.

  • Hover over the displayed image, a link will appear to “Reposition” the image.
Reposition image
  • Alternatively, you can play with the “Fit Image” option or Card size within the Properties menu.
Fit Image

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

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