FX Trading Journal Template For Notion

I’ve always had a general interest in the financial markets and recently got into forex (foreign exchange) trading. In this post, I won’t go into why you should get a forex trading journal. I’m assuming if you’ve stumbled across this page, then you’re already convinced that you need to keep a trading journal.

I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple. If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to track the 101 metrics of a trade. There are plenty of online tools that can automatically track that for you.

I’ve created a simple Notion and Excel template that tracks the key data of each trade and allows you to review each trade in a simple manner.

Sounds good? Then keep on reading!

FX Trading Journal Template

I find the combination of Excel and Notion gives you the best of both worlds for an FX journal. You could just use Notion, however, I like the additional spreadsheet flexibility Excel provides. On the same strand, you could just use Excel, but you’ll need to create a folder structure to store your trade screenshots somewhere.

Excel Trading Template

When it comes to tracking trades, I’ve gone with the rule, less is more. I’ve only included the following metrics:

  • Market trade – which FX pair you have traded
  • Date opened – helps to identify and review specific trades
  • Trading setup – you should have a strategy before going into a trade!
  • P/L – did you make money or not?
  • Opening / Closing – helps with reviewing trades
  • Rules followed – similar to trading setup, did I follow my strategy and risk management or was it a YOLO trade?
  • Profit / Loss – formula to display if it was a winning trade or not. The percentage in the bottom right reflects the current win rate on trades
Excel FX journal

The blue cells are where your inputs are needed. I suggest inserting extra rows just before the solid blue row. This will help keep the cell formatting and summary formulas intact.

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Notion Component

In terms of templates, Excel and Notion more or less mirror each other. The reason I use Notion is for the page template functionality which helps me keep trade screenshots in one place.

Notion FX journal

Database Properties

These are in line with the Excel trading metrics so it’s a simple copy-paste from Excel to Notion. The only extra property is the Analysis checkbox – this is just to confirm you’ve reviewed all the trade details!

If you trade other markets like stocks or cryptocurrencies, you can add or tweak any of the columns in the templates.

I have tried to make logging trades take less than 30 seconds. I know if it was too complicated or sucked up too much time, I wouldn’t be consistent with logging trades.

Trade Template Page

In terms of trade screenshots – I keep two per trade:

  • A screenshot of when I took the trade
  • A screenshot of when I exited the trade

Here’s an example of a trade screenshot that I would take – I’m still in this trade!

Tradeview screenshot

This is then pasted into the trade template page:

Trading page log

Along with the trade screenshots, I also look at a few questions and ideas during each trade. I’ve picked this up from various places as I continue on my trading journey. I do not doubt this template page will continue evolving as I trade.

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Download The FX Trading Journal Pack

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You can access the Notion template here and click here to download the Excel template.

Final Thoughts

I consider myself a swing trader and only take a handful of trades per week so this system isn’t too hard to maintain. If you’re a day trader you might want to look at a more automated system. The important thing is that you do your trade reviews!

Thanks for reading and I hope you find these templates helpful. Good luck on your trading journey!

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