Free Notion Travel Packing List Template

It’s 2023 and the world is reopened for travel. Woo, it’s time to brush off your travel plans!

Whether it’s for work or leisure, I know how stressful it can be to travel. Do you run out the door worrying about whether you’ve made enough arrangements or packed everything that you’ll need?

Never fear, this Notion travel packing list will be invaluable for prepping and organizing yourself before you hit the road. It’s fully customizable, and the cherry on top? It’s free!

Covid 19 travel packing list

Benefits Of The Travel Packing List Template

Not bragging here, but here are some benefits of using this travel packing list:

  • It helps you stay organized and keeps track of what you have packed. This can be especially useful if you are packing for a longer trip or if you need to pack a lot of items.
  • It helps you remember everything you need to bring. It can be easy to forget something important when you are packing for a trip, especially if you are packing in a rush. Don’t forget your undergarments ever again!
  • It can save you time by eliminating the need to constantly check and double-check to ensure you have everything you need. You can refer to the list and quickly gather all the final tidbits. Best of all, you can duplicate this template again for the next trip.
  • It can help you pack more efficiently by allowing you to prioritize the items you need and eliminate unnecessary items. This can help you fit everything you need into a smaller suitcase or bag. This can be especially useful if you are trying to save space or avoid excess baggage fees.

Download The Travel Packing List Template

Like all of my Excel and Notion templates, this travel packing list template is 100% free, and I don’t require your email for it.

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You can access the Notion template here.

Template Instructions

This is a master template so I recommend duplicating it for specific trips. Spruce it up by adding a new title and cover image. Add to the excitement by adding a countdown widget till your holidays!

This template is mobile-friendly so each key area has a toggle header. I’ve also set up template buttons under each heading so you can add your own items as needed.

Final Tips

Remember to also check the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly. 

If you are traveling internationally, also be sure to research any specific items that you may need to bring or avoid bringing based on the customs laws of the country you are visiting.

I hope you find this helpful and safe travels!

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