Can Notion Send Reminders?

The quick answer to your question is yes. Notion can send reminder notifications.

As a productivity app, surely Notion has included a reminder function right!? You would be correct! The option is a little hidden, but once it’s explained, you’ll never forget a task again.

In this post, I’ll explain how to add reminders and how to switch on notifications.

Sounds good? Then keep on reading!

How To Add Reminders In Notion

Reminder Block

To quickly add a reminder for yourself, type /reminder to call up the Reminder block and hit Enter.

Reminder block

Once you’ve added the block, set the date and time along with the reminder time.

Reminder block setup

As you will notice, the text turns blue and a clock icon will appear to the right of the date. That indicates that the reminder is coming up. The text turns red once it’s overdue. To remove the red text, you’ll either delete it or archive it through the Updates menu.

Archive reminder

Quick Add Method

A quick way of adding a reminder to a page is by typing “@Remind” and then the date and time. Notion is smart enough to pick up the date format.

Shortcut adding reminder

Adding Reminders To A Notion Database

If you run your task manager via a database (you should!), then I’d also like to highlight that you can add reminders directly to the database. This assumes you have a Date column like this:

Database date

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Send Reminder Notifications

You can turn on Notion notifications through “Settings & members” on the left sidebar. Click on “My notification & settings”.

Notification settings

The above screenshot is from the web version of Notion, but if you use the desktop app, you will have the following notification options:

  • Mobile Push
  • Desktop Push
  • Email notifications
  • Always send email notification

You will also find the notification options on your mobile app under the same menu. 

Speaking of your phone, the quickest way to add reminders is using the @ quick add method discussed above. The @ icon is also above the keyboard if you wanted another shortcut. Just tap on the due date again to open up the date options.

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Recurring Tasks

Unfortunately, Notion doesn’t have automatic recurring reminders. The easiest way is to just update the task with the new reminder time. You can create a recurring task template in a database but I find this to be an incomplete solution at the moment.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

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