Blog Content Creation Template For Notion

If you run a personal blog or a niche website then this Notion template is for you. Not only does this database track and store all your blog posts, but it also provides you with a holistic view of your content creation process.

Each database entry uses a blog template with various checklists and an area for you to brain-dump all your blog ideas. You can also use the area to write out your post. This will massively boost your blog workflow process!

Content Creation Tracker

Below I show you how I have customized this content creation track for Excel Me. I’ve also included a download link at the bottom, hopefully, it gives you some inspiration to develop your own tracker.

Content Creation Tracker

Along with Excel Me, I also run a couple of other niche websites and a full-time day job. As such, I’m always on the lookout for ways to juggle everything and streamline my content creation process.

There are two key areas on this template:

  • Articles Database – The Content Creation Tracker has four different database views (more details below). These include All Posts, WIP (Work In Progress), Board, and Calendar views.
  • Blog Post page template – The page template has gone through some vigorous testing. Using this template, I have created over 50 pieces of content across various blogs.

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Database Properties

There are seven properties that make up the Articles Database.

Database properties
  • Post Number – I use this to sort blog posts
  • Blog Title – This can just be the post idea initially, there’s a title ideation section in the blog post page template. Update once you’ve posted the article
  • Status – This uses the Notion status property which is a much-improved version of the old method of using a Select property. I might have 5-6 posts going at any point in time, this helps to track how each one is going
Status property
  • Tags – This can be used to guide your navigation menu on your blog
  • Publish Date – Upload date for posts, huzzah!
  • Word Count – Used for data analytic purposes
  • URL – Once posted, keep a quick link to each post in case you want to go back and add some internal links or update the post.

Content Creation Template Page

This is the central repository for everything that relates to a blog post.

When I’m looking at this page, I can brain-dump everything about a particular post – keyword ideas, snippets of information that I can source, or YouTube video ideas. I also have links to other useful resources across my Notion workspace under the Checklist/SOPs and Resources section.

Blog post template

In terms of writing out a blog post, I go between Google Docs and Notion. If I know that I’ll be out and about all day, I’ll likely use Google Docs due to the offline functionality, but if I’m camped in front of the PC all day, then I’ll use Notion.

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Content Database Views

Within this template, there are four key views that can help you manage your content production process.

WIP (Work In Progress)

A list of all the articles currently in production. As I mentioned earlier, you can slowly brain-dump ideas and notes across different articles and topic ideas in a centrally managed place.

WIP view


The kanban board view of your content production process. It helps to show how posts move through stages of the process – especially helpful once you start getting team members on board and you can let go of certain parts of the process, i.e. research phase.

Kanban board view


The monthly calendar view. A good review tool at the end of the month to how you’re tracking against content targets for the month.

Calendar view

All Posts

A tabular master view of all your articles.

Database properties

Download The Content Creation Tracker

Like all of my Excel and Notion templates, this content creation tracker is 100% free, and I don’t require your email for it.

However, if you want to improve your Notion skills, I highly recommend joining my Excel Me newsletter by entering your email below. You’ll only be emailed from time to time when I release new tutorials and templates.

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Click here to download the template.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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