Auto Change Tag Based On Another Notion Database Property

Do you want to learn how to automatically change a Notion database property value depending on the value of another property?

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How To Automatically Change Property Based On Another Property

At the time of writing, there’s no inherent option to automatically change “Select” and “Multi-Select” based on the value of another property. Never fear, there is a workaround!

Here are the three steps to automatically change a tag based on the value of another property.

  1. Add a Formula property to the Notion database
  2. Add an IF formula based on the required conditions
  3. Hide the database property that the formula replaces

Check out the Notion Foundation series for more tips on using Notion databases.

Worked Example – Show An Overdue Tag

Let’s use this task manager example. I would like to display an “Overdue” tag if the deadline exceeds today’s date.

Task Manager example

Here are the steps to create an automatic tag based on the “Due Date” column:

  • Add a new “Formula” property
Add formula button
  • Now we need to include a simple formula that says, if the “Due Date” column exceeds today’s date, then show “Overdue”, if not, leave it blank. Use this formula – if(prop(“Due Date”) < now(), “Overdue”, “”) and click “Done”.
Formula bar

Worked Example – Change The Priority Tag Based On The Status Property

Say you want to remove the tag in the “Priority” property once the “Status” is changed to “Done”. Use this formula – if(prop(“Status”) != “Done”, prop(“Priority”), “”).

Status formula

What this formula is saying is – if the “Status” property is not “Done”, then take the “Priority” property value, if not then show a blank entry (i.e. no priority once a task is done!)

The last step is to hide the existing “Priority” property or move the far right of your database table (in case you want to quickly access it). Test out the formula by changing the “Status” to “Done”.

Hide property
Final table

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful!

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